Tourism Day in Tipp

Great to see two of our favourite Tipperary walks featured on the site. The first is the incomparable Lough Derg Blueway. You can paddle it, cycle it or walk it. For more info click here.

” Traverse some of the Blueway’s 160km of water trails by canoe, kayak, paddleboard or under sail. Stride out by boot or bicycle on the land trails – you’ll be rewarded with views that will take your breath away. “

The other splendid walk is in the south of the county. Starting off from the impressive Norman Cahir Castle walk south along the marked trail along the gurgling River Suir to the stunning Swiss Cottage. This is the Swiss Cottage Coronation Walk. For more details click here.

Click on for transport links and accommodation options.

“Riverside Walk, 4.0km (2.5 miles). Grade: Easy
From Cahir Castle Car Park, follow the path southwards (downriver) to the Swiss Cottage and return by the same route. The site was once part of the Butler-Charteris Estate; the family named it for the coronation of George IV in 1821, in whose inner circle they socialised. ”

A soul-enriching stroll along the River Suir

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